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disruption squared

Executives who misunderstand disruption cannot fully appreciate the current threats to their business ... or the emerging opportunities.

In the 20+ years since Clayton Christensen introduced the word “disruption” into common business use, the phenomenon has magnified in its complexity. We now know there is not just one kind of disruption, but several patterns. Moreover, the current pandemic has accelerated a shift toward digital transformation that makes understanding patterns of disruption even more urgent.

Thriving in this era requires:

  • Deep understanding of disruption and the surprising management balancing act essential to success
  • Mastery of the different patterns of disruption and of effective leadership responses
  • Skill in navigating the new digital terrain to spur winning strategies and game-changing innovation

These are the insights and tools you and your leadership team will gain at Cutter Consortium’s Disruption²: Re-Thinking Your Business in a COVID-and-Digitally-Disrupted World virtual bootcamp — knowledge that you can leverage as you chart a course forward.

Developed by Cutter Consortium Fellow Prof. Robert D. Austin, this virtual bootcamp for Cutter Consortium members, is designed to deliver insight in short bursts, with rich discussion among the participants, over two, 2-hour virtual sessions. The program draws on Prof Austin’s groundbreaking work in disruption strategies, innovation, and digital transformation. A combination of pre-assigned online videos and short readings, paired with interactive virtual instruction and breakout sessions with your peers, combine to deliver high impact experience in a condensed format. Upon completing this program, your decision makers, business planners and change and delivery managers will have:

  • Explored where the world & your business were heading pre-COVID-19, including disruptions already impacting your industry
  • Learned key & surprising lessons about business disruption
  • Assessed the impact of COVID-19 on the rate of digital change with respect to your organization and how your business has needed to rearchitect
  • Developed new strategic perspectives you can incorporate into your future plans and actions

Who Should Attend? Teams of 2-5 Cutter Consortium Member executives/decisionmakers, strategists, technologists and program implementers
When? 17 November 9-11am EST AND 18 November 9-11am EST (See your local time.)


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