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Q&A: Does Agile Need Disrupting? by Whom? and How?

Disrupting Agile Q&A

In the recent Cutter Business Technology Journal issue, “Disrupting Agile: Is Agile Ready?”, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant and Guest Editor Hillel Glazer takes the position that the very practices laid out by the Agile Manifesto that were supposed to usher in a new appreciation for people, product, relationships, and responsiveness ended up with the unintended consequence of shrouding the best parts of Agile — so much that the benefits of "agile" development are still frustratingly uncommon.

It turns out, he says, that the practices catered to the same non-systems thinking that the ‘Manifesto was meant to smash through. Each of the five articles in the issue offers a different point of view about what has “gone wrong” with Agile over the years and what can make it right. But there is consensus that the reduction of the values described in the Agile Manifesto to “practices” has become an Achilles' heel.

In this Cutter Consortium Members-only Q&A, Hillel Glazer leads a discussion on the Agile experience in your organizations

  • What’s been good?
  • What’s been difficult?
  • What workarounds and solutions have you created?
  • What does the future hold for Agile in your organization on the team level? On the enterprise level? 
  • What kinds of disruptions might be good for Agile in general?

Cutter Consortium Members: Join us for a 40-minute conversation on July 15 at 12pm EDT. (We’re scheduling 40 minutes, but holding an hour — we don’t want to cut you off if the conversation is heated!). To ensure a fruitful conversation, seats for this Q&A are limited. Register now to ensure you have a spot.

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