Consider what your organization will look like in the future. Will it evolve through happenstance — based on a series of reactive responses to economic downturns, technology trends, self-inflicted crises, and revolving executive mandates? Or will it evolve to become a highly adaptive enterprise — one that is increasingly efficient, effective, and responsive to customer demands; one that can respond quickly to whatever comes its way?

The “cognitive enterprise” is an organization that learns and adapts on an evolutionary basis, based on a deep and expansive understanding of the business ecosystem in which it operates. The cognitive enterprise relies on a business knowledgebase, framed by its business architecture, and cognitive computing technologies.

In this webinar, Cutter Consortium Fellow William Ulrich will reveal the cognitive enterprise vision. You’ll discover:

  • The formalisms that underpin the cognitive enterprise vision
  • The benefits to be accrued under that vision
  • Steps your organization can take to begin its journey towards a cognitive enterprise vision, while achieving incremental value at each step along the way

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