Envisioning the Organization of the Future: The Cognitive Enterprise

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Consider what your organization will look like in the future. Will it evolve through happenstance — based on a series of reactive responses to economic downturns, technology trends, self-inflicted crises, and revolving executive mandates? Or will it evolve to become a highly adaptive enterprise — one that is increasingly efficient, effective, and responsive to customer demands; one that can respond quickly to whatever comes its way?

The “cognitive enterprise” is an organization that learns and adapts on an evolutionary basis, based on a deep and expansive understanding of the business ecosystem in which it operates. The cognitive enterprise relies on a business knowledgebase, framed by its business architecture, and cognitive computing technologies.

In this webinar, Cutter Consortium Fellow William Ulrich will reveal the cognitive enterprise vision. You’ll discover:

  • The formalisms that underpin the cognitive enterprise vision
  • The benefits to be accrued under that vision
  • Steps your organization can take to begin its journey towards a cognitive enterprise vision, while achieving incremental value at each step along the way

Register now to learn how you can help your organization become highly adaptable and responsive so it can thrive well into the future.

Date: September 5, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm