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measure EA value

How to Demonstrate EA Value

Enterprise architecture organizations are fairly adept at collecting metrics. However, since these metrics are predominantly focused on EA frameworks and tools, EA is often still challenged when it comes to demonstrating its value to the organization. In this webinar, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Brian Cameron presents you with several approaches to measuring EA value and recommends a process for deriving EA value metrics that aligns with your organization’s value drivers. You’ll discover:

  • The 7 steps to deriving long-term EA value metrics that align with your organization’s value drivers
  • Why no single model EA measurement process fits all organizations
  • Common pitfalls in selecting EA value metrics
  • Which value metrics have the greatest likelihood of demonstrating value

Learn how your EA team can demonstrate how it positively impacts the measures that matter to the rest of your organization, proving that the value of EA to the enterprise will not only be understood but assured. Register to watch now.


Cutter Members: For more on this topic, read the Executive Report, "EA Value Metrics Earn a Seat at the Strategic Planning Table” by Brian Cameron.