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new analytics rules

How New Database Technologies Are Turning Data Analytics Rules Upside Down

Most analytics solutions designers today are using 30-year-old mental models around scarcity of compute and are thus crippling their designs, not fully realizing how radically different 21st-century analytics has become. The recent leap forward in database and analytics technology includes streaming technologies like Apache’s Kafka, which can handle real time and can scale to handle big data movement at extremely low cost; and high-speed, in memory analytics tools like SAP HANA, which makes mincemeat out of billion-row data sets. These and other new cloud-based approaches have changed the paradigm for 21st-century data analytics.

In this webinar (recorded February 3, 2021), Cutter Consortium Fellow Vince Kellen and his team at the University of California San Diego will share how they have adopted a new approach to data analytics, what it has generated for them, and the lessons they’ve learned that you, too, can adopt. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How high-speed, in-memory designs differ from traditional methods
  • Why streaming data, IoT style, is easier and better than traditional ETL techniques
  • How to combine the concepts of a semistructured data lake within a structured data warehouse
  • What next-generation design approaches will increase data warehouse agility
  • What the organizational, governance, and culture change impacts are likely to be

Discover how today’s analytics environment is very different from the past and how, by embracing the new rules of analytics, your organization can discover and take advantage of new possibilities. Register now and view it on demand.


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash