Diana Larsen demonstrates a simple framework that will help you get great returns from the time your teams devote to every meeting.


Over the past 10 years, software development teams using Agile approaches have adopted retrospective meetings as a critical practice for learning and continuous improvement, to the extent that practitioners say, "If you're not holding iteration retrospectives, you're not doing Agile."

Many practitioners experience retrospectives as a great means for detecting good, poor, and missing practices; as a handle to make tacit knowledge about effective practices explicit; and to define improvement actions in order to deal with ineffective or inefficient technical, process, and teamwork practices. However, too many teams and practitioners don't reap the benefits that effective retrospective meetings can provide.

In this on-demand Cutter webinar, you'll learn how to get the most from your retrospective practices. Senior Consultant Diana Larsen will introduce you to a simple framework for:

  • Better outcomes from retrospective meetings.
  • Maintaining the relevance of improvement to the work of your team.
  • Great returns from the time your teams devote to every meeting.