Innovation Models Across Industries: A Linear or Complex Path?

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You hear it all the time: disruptive innovation, market displacement, the industry is about to collapse. But somehow it continues to survive by innovating and transforming itself into something new.

What is innovation anyway? And why is it so important to society? Is innovation linear and progressive? Or is it complex and disruptive? These and other questions drive this webinar’s discussion, led by Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Katia Passerini. Katia focuses on the role of disruptive technology and how the process of innovation can drastically differ from what companies consider to be good business practices, as well as from what individuals are comfortable with.

Discover the innovation that's happening across many of the key sectors that are being — or will be — disrupted by technology, and across areas of research and innovation that are far from any changes at all. In this webinar, Passerini considers:

  • Is the process of innovation the same across industries? Or does it adapt to the content, context, and type of invention?
  • What organizational models favor the innovation mindset? Open organizations? Ego-less teams? Innovation crowdsourcing models?
  • When do the different models work?
  • When do ideas need careful protection and safeguards for the intellectual property they create?
  • Is an open source innovation model more resilient or less resilient than a closed one?

The notion of “disruptive innovation,” introduced by Clayton Christensen in The Innovator’s Dilemma, has been celebrated, criticized, revisited, and applied — far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination — to many different industry sectors. Understanding the frameworks that drive innovation will help clarify how this came to be and will answer both your current and future innovation challenges. 

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Date: September 18, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm