Cutter Members-only Peer-to-Peer


Introducing Low-Code/No-Code Solutions into Your Organization

One of the biggest strengths of low-code/no-code platforms is that they allow organizations to take advantage of the innate problem-solving skills of human beings by removing at least a significant portion, if not all, of the barriers to implementing software solutions in today’s softwarized world. Simply put, LC/NC enhances the potential of innovation. The benefits of LC/NC platforms are crystallized in their ability to empower entrepreneurial people in the organization to unleash their visions, ideas, and creativity with minimal support through building smart software solutions.

So how do you actually implement LC/NC solutions? What are the important priorities that ensure LC/NC success? In this highly interactive Cutter Consortium members-only peer-to-peer virtual meeting, you’re invited to share your experiences with LC/NC solutions — and also learn from Cutter Fellow Greg Smith, Cutter Senior Consultant Michael Papadopoulos, and the other participants. Topics that will be explored include:

  • Understanding the value that the LC/NC application will deliver to your business and how it links to your strategic objectives.
  • Putting the right system architecture in place
  • The importance of collaboration between business and IT and good change management practices
  • The level of operational process and quality standards you should demand from your first LC/NC applications.
  • Changing your development approach for LC/NC — yes or no?

Cutter Members: Register now to participate is this February 17, 12pm EST peer-to-peer discussion. Seats are limited to ensure a rich conversation.


Have you also registered for the Low-code/No-code-enabled Citizen Developers: Catalysts to Innovation webinar on February 10? Much of the peer-to-peer conversation will launch from the topics Greg Smith and Michael Papadopoulos will review then and also in The Age of the “Citizen Developer”: The Power and Simplicity to Build Software