Mobilizing for Disruption in Banking & Financial Services

Incumbent banking and financial services firms have been slow to develop digitization, making way for fintech pure plays, whose focus on narrow product and market segments with new technology platforms has increased the financial sector’s efficiencies and effectiveness. For example, consider mobile-first Robinhood’s zero-commission stock trade, Stripe’s cost-effective integrated payment processing and payment gateway solutions, Xoom’s instantaneous global money transfer, Root Insurance’s behavior-driven personalized car insurance, and Opendoor’s real estate property transactions. How can traditional banking and financial services firms defend against new industry entrants? When there is an Airbnb- or Uber-like disruptor on the horizon, will you be able to see it coming?

In this Arthur D. Little Executive Bootcamp, developed and taught in two, 2-hour virtual sessions by disruption expert Prof. Robert D. Austin, your team of 2-5 executives/decision makers will:

  • Discover the barriers that have held off industry-changing disruption and prepare for the attack strategies that non-traditional players could use to overcome them;
  • Become familiar with data sharing technologies and their business advantages and disadvantages;
  • Analyze the competitive dynamics operating between banks and smaller, more agile third-party firms (fintechs)—including financial data aggregators—and, in the background, large and powerful tech platforms such as Amazon and Google;
  • Understand the concept of and implications of implementing open banking, how it might impact competitive dynamics in the financial services industry, and why regulators and policy makers are enthusiastic about it;
  • Consider the importance of regulatory frameworks in driving business change;
  • Brainstorm ways that current players can/should influence the evolution of a next-generation financial services eco-system.

The program draws on Prof. Austin’s groundbreaking work in disruption strategies, innovation, and digital transformation. Interactive virtual instruction, case study discussion, and breakout sessions with your peers from across the globe combine to deliver maximum impact with minimal intrusion into your busy schedule.

Day 1: The New Rules of Digital Business Strategy (October 5 | 8am-10am EDT | 2pm-4pm CEST | 4pm-6pm GST)
Day 2: The Transforming Financial Services Landscape (October 6 | 8am-10am EDT | 2pm-4pm CEST | 4pm-6pm GST)

Take the time to learn about the innovations that are blurring industry boundaries, facilitating disintermediation, and revolutionizing how existing firms create and deliver products and services — and prepare your organization to mobilize to be a disruptor and/or defend against one. Seats in Mobilizing for Disruption in Banking & Financial Services are limited; register your team today.


Who Should Attend: Teams of 2-5 executives and decisionmakers


  • EDT: October 5 and 6, 8:00am-10:00am
  • CEST: October 5 and 6, 2:00pm-4:00pm
  • GST: October 5 and 6, 4:00pm-6:00pm
  • See your local time


  • Arthur D. Little clients: contact your ADL Partner or Anne Mullaney for your special invitation.
  • Non-clients: $4995 per team.

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