Join us for a 2-day, in-depth look at Leading in an Era of Disruption.

You likely have less time than ever as you deal with disruption on every front. But that’s all the more reason to seize the opportunity to spend two days, thinking strategically & brainstorming with expert academics, industry thought leaders & executives from diverse industries, who are outside your normal circle of advisors.

At Summit 2022, you'll discover how your organization can succeed with the explosion of challenges that compete for attention, talent and resources — from sustainability goals to advancing AI/ML capabilities, protecting against ransomware attacks to achieving organizational agility, honing leadership skills to seizing convergence opportunities, accelerating DEI and innovation to Web3, and addressing the geopolitical & public health upheavals that are impacting supply chains and markets.

What's more, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what is essential in leadership, culture, and strategy, and the nuanced relationship between these factors that is so critical to success today.

Through keynotes, industry panel discussions, a hands-on simulation, case studies, deep dives, and an innovation exercise, you’ll gain knowledge from thought leaders across disciplines, and from your peers across industries, to help you lead your organization & embrace the disruptive challenges that lie ahead.

Sessions include:

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