Transdisciplinary Innovation: Finding Solutions Where You Never Looked Before

Edgar BarrosoDiscover how you can take advantage of thinking about the future and act on transdisciplinary insights.

Cutter Senior Consultant Edgar Barroso has had the opportunity to witness several innovation departments or labs around the world. He’s concluded that a trans­disciplinary team that imagines the future on a regular basis is one of the keys to separating a truly audacious organi­zation from those that limit themselves to simply following what other do, hoping to get a piece of the market that is left.

In order to create new products and services, build startups, solve unexpected problems, and design projects, organizations need to think about the future in a transdisciplinary manner and come up with ideas that might be implemented three or five years from now, sometimes more.

In this hour-long webinar with Edgar Barroso, you’ll discover how, regardless of the size of your company, you can take advantage of thinking about the future and act on transdisciplinary insights. Learn how to engage with the foresight and transdisciplinary collabora­tion that leads to a greater understanding about the power data analysis, attitude, and commitment have in piloting your organization to lead, and not only follow, the next trends. Find out how investing a meaningful amount of time and resources to thinking actively about the future, with teams based in transdisciplinary collaboration will help you run an innovative organization. Join Edgar Barroso and discover that foresight and collaboration — of any kind — are two of the most important characteristics of human nature that can improve our survival rate — and that of your organization.

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