What Should and Should Not Be Moved to the Cloud: How Enterprise Architecture Settles the Question

Mike RosenBetter understand the range of issues surrounding what should be moved to the cloud.​

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but from many different perspectives. Some think it means virtualization, others think it means scalable infrastructure, and still others think it means software-as-a-service. Sometimes, the business has a different and dangerous perspective, thinking that the cloud provides a new way to source IT solutions without having to go through the IT department. At the same time, there are many other issues relating to the cloud and affecting its adoption such as integration, security, data integrity, reliability, accountability and responsibility.

This on-demand webinar presents an overall enterprise architecture that incorporates the many different perspectives of the cloud, addresses the range of issues, and describes a framework to govern what can be moved to the cloud, what should not be moved, what IT should do proactively, what the business can do on its own, and what it must coordinate with IT.

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