Andy E Williams

Andy E. Williams is chairman and CTO of Nobeah Technologies and founder and Executive Director of Nobeah Technologies Foundation. He is an expert in general collective intelligence (GCI) and human-centric functional modeling (HCFM). As a social entrepreneur, Mr. Williams focuses on understanding the equations underlying human challenges, so that by changing those equations, the problems solve themselves. His research on how to overcome the problem of decision-making systems that don’t reliably select the best solutions led to the development of a GCI model, a system that organizes individuals or intelligent agents to create the potential for exponentially greater general problem-solving ability. The theory behind this model suggests that entire classes of problems can’t reliably be solved without a GCI or equivalent system due to inherent properties of “collective optimization” problems in which a collective outcome is optimized by optimizing outcomes for each individual agent. Without a decentralized mechanism for self-assembling participating agents to execute a self-organized process, processes and participants are free to become aligned with the goals of a single agent or subset of agents that act as a centralized process owner. Mr. Williams earned a bachelor’s of science degree in physics from the University of Toronto. He can be reached at