Brent Barton

Brent Barton is a founding partner at Sterling Barton, LLC, a software product and consulting services company. Brent has used Agile practices for a decade as a Chief Technology Officer, PMO manager, project manager, development manager, software developer, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, coach, consultant, and trainer. He applies agility, pragmatism, persistence, organizational constructs, and process disciplines to help organizations outperform their status quo. Brent’s executive management background and nearly two decades of experience in software technology gives him the ability to provide valuable guidance concerning engineering capability and organizational proficiency. As a consultant and trainer, Brent has helped small, medium and Fortune 100 organizations overcome intractable problems and successfully deliver mission-critical solutions.

Brent has written several important papers on Agile and organizational change: “Implementing a Professional Services Organization Using Type C Scrum” (IEEE), “Establishing and Maintaining Top to Bottom Transparency Using the Meta-Scrum” (Agile Journal), and “All-Out Organizational Scrum as an Innovation Value Chain” (IEEE). Brent also helped develop AgileEVM, a mathematically-proven method that connects Scrum and traditional Earned Value Management techniques.