Claudio Lima

Sustainability, Technology

Cutter Expert Claudio Lima is a global executive and thought leader in advanced blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) digital transformation technologies, with expertise in energy (utilities, oil & gas), smart city, telecom/IT, and quantum computing technologies. He is cofounder of the Blockchain Engineering Council, chair of the IEEE Blockchain Energy Standards Working Group, and chair of the IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy Initiative. Dr. Lima headed the Sprint Advanced Technology Labs Digital Media Initiative in Silicon Valley, California, and the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid standards as Vice Chair. He was co-chair of the IIC Industrial Internet Consortium (Industrial IoT) and was former director of global standards of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. Dr. Lima is currently leading global efforts on blockchain/digital transformation technologies standardization, interoperability, and energy smart contracts in government and corporate enterprise blockchain. He earned a PhD in electronic engineering from the University of Kent, UK. He can be reached at