Colleen Corrigan

Colleen Corrigan is a Senior Sustainability Advisor for Pure Strategies, where she works with corporate clients on developing strategies to promote sustainability in operations, value chains, material selection, and natural resource management. Dr. Corrigan focuses on helping companies set science-based targets for nature to protect and regenerate biodiversity. Her work in this area helps businesses understand their environmental impacts and implement strategies, collaborations, and business process changes to mitigate harm to ecosystems and help restore them. Dr. Corrigan is the founder of Conservation Matters, an organization that consults on biodiversity protection, strategy development, and program delivery with a focus on marine protection, indigenous issues, and environmental governance for clients, including National Geographic, UNESCO, and WWF. Prior to this work, she was a Senior Officer in protected areas at the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme’s World Conservation Monitoring Center in the UK. Dr. Corrigan was also Senior Manager for international sustainable development policy with Conservation International and Learning Facilitator for international field programs at The Nature Conservancy. Her career has also included working with three branches of the US Department of the Interior. Dr. Corrigan earned a master of science degree in conservation biology and sustainable development from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a PhD from the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management at the University of Queensland, Australia. She can be reached at