Cory Casanave


Cory B. Casanave is a Cutter Expert and CEO of Model Driven Solutions (a division of Data Access Technologies, Inc.), where he focuses on actionable architectures — bridging the gap between business strategy and realized capabilities by applying Agile architecture, standards-based and business-focused models, model-driven architecture (MDA), and semantic technologies. As an architect, standards guru, and technology developer, Mr. Casanave has helped governments and major organizations achieve their goals.

Mr. Casanave helps stakeholders develop business-focused and mission-relevant models and frequently assists developers in directly leveraging models as part of IT solutions. This semantic, model-driven approach reduces the time, cost, and risk of fielding capabilities while improving their suitability to business objectives. He holds a leadership position on the OMG’s board of directors, has chaired multiple industry groups, and has led the development of standards for modeling, automation of the development process, service-oriented architecture, enterprise architecture (EA), information sharing, business process automation, distributed systems, finance, government, and unified threat and risk management. Mr. Casanave is also founder of Data Access Worldwide and developer of the DataFlex 4gl.

Mr. Casanave’s specific areas of expertise include UML, semantic technologies (OWL & RDF), EA, MDA, the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), and threat and risk management. He works with business stakeholders to develop and articulate their needs, and he communicates with and assists systems architects and software developers as they field enterprise-relevant capabilities based on actionable architectures. Mr. Casanave’s expertise has been applied to multiple domains, such as finance (including the Financial Industry Business Ontology), the federation and integration of cyber and physical threat and risk information, and the automation of information sharing based on NIEM. He has presented at major industry events and authored multiple papers and articles. Mr. Casanave has also led the development of both commercial and open source software. He can be reached at