Dan Berglove


Dan Berglove is a Cutter Expert and has more than 20 years’ IT leadership and consulting experience, including 15 years’ experience with implementing strategic technology architecture in the insurance, banking, database marketing, mortgage, and medical industries. Mr. Berglove began his career in application development and has managed and directed development organizations consisting of up to 100 people. He has led enterprise-scale application integration initiatives and managed shared services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) development efforts for several organizations. Mr. Berglove has also served as an enterprise architect and established and directed enterprise and business architecture organizations in large and small corporate environments. He has developed business intelligence (BI) infrastructures and led the establishment of BI and data warehousing teams. Mr. Berglove has specialized in working with organizations in developing master data management (MDM) strategies focused on aligning application integration infrastructure with enterprise data architecture and BI platform development. By integrating EA and MDA approaches, he has assisted organizations in establishing sustainable enterprise and data architecture practices by guiding them to focus on key architectural capabilities and processes that lead to the creation of business value within an enterprise. Mr. Berglove has partnered in developing a capability-based repeatable EA methodology that is in use with client organizations. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.