Dave Higgins

Dave Higgins has been a strategic management consultant since the late 1980s and an evangelist for high-quality software systems development methods since 1975. Early in his career, Mr. Higgins was among the principal architects of the Warnier/Orr methodology, one of the first popular systems development methodologies. In recent years, he has been involved in projects ranging from strategic systems planning to enterprise application architecture, project management, data sharing, knowledge management, data warehousing, business continuity planning, and communications planning for both public- and private-sector organizations. Mr. Higgins has performed hundreds of seminars and executive presentations on a wide variety of topics from systems and database design to business process reengineering and project management. He is also the author of five books in the area of software engineering and numerous articles and white papers. In addition to consulting, Mr. Higgins managed software development at three Fortune 500 companies, was a Director at Oracle, and is currently the Principal Network Strategist at INgage Networks. He can be reached at consulting@cutter.com.