Don Estes

Don Estes is President of Don Estes & Associates. He has served as Editor of the Cutter IT Journal and as a speaker at Cutter Summits. He has more than 35 years experience in IT, more than half of which has been focused on managing the business and technical risks in the modernization of legacy applications and their integration with new technology. His writings have brought both a theoretical and a practical view to extracting the value from a portfolio of legacy assets, with topics on managing technical risks in software initiatives, automation of testing, and integrating technologies to reduce cost and risk in modernization projects.

Prior to founding Don Estes & Associates, Mr. Estes worked with six IT services companies that specialized in legacy modernization, for which he provided the solution architectures for both the execution and testing of client projects. Since then, he has done extensive work in the areas of legacy asset modernization and replacement, business process management, solution architecture, testing, test automation and risk optimized testing, enterprise application integration, project design and management, IT risk analysis and management, and business-IT alignment for clients that include both state and federal government. His current projects include two pieces of critical national infrastructure for their respective federal agencies.

Mr. Estes holds a degree in physics from MIT and a master's degree in psychology from the University of Texas. He can be reached at