Don MacIntyre

Don MacIntyre has helped many large enterprises successfully adopt Agile enterprise-wide, with stunning bottom-line results. Mr. MacIntyre has shown organizations worldwide what it means to be Agile, helping them learn technical practices that improve quality and assisting them in adopting scaling patterns that they can now use to build their complex systems. He has delivered specialized Agile training sessions for business managers, product managers, and program-level managers, and has coached project and program teams to prepare them for adopting Agile at the program level. As a result, these organizations are achieving their goal of weaving Agile practices into the fabric of their organizations, resulting in increased efficiency and business value.

With experience in both the commercial and government sectors, Mr. MacIntyre is an accomplished executive and change agent with deep Agile knowledge. As an executive, he has led transformations at organizations spanning the Fortune 50 to late-stage startups. At Lockheed Martin, the largest provider of IT to the US federal government, Mr. MacIntyre led the Agile transition. His work encompassed creating a coaching office for the CTO, providing large-scale training, and developing a model to support large-scale adoption. As part of this effort, he helped transform several civilian, defense, and classified agencies.

Mr. MacIntyre spent his early years as an engineer at HP, ultimately leading a globally distributed organization in developing HP’s high-availability file server. He drove some of the earliest Agile adoptions at HP and was awarded for his success in management innovation. Following HP, Mr. MacIntyre was a Director at before founding, where he assisted Fidelity Investments with its Agile adoptions. After Fidelity, he joined the executive team at a late-stage startup cloud provider, where he helped establish Agile, ran the engineering department, and assisted the company through a series of M&As.

Since his early work on a pilot program modeled after the Toyota Production System, Mr. MacIntyre has been empowering teams to take ownership of their work. Along the way, he has transformed organizations using Lean, Scrum, XP, Kanban, DevOps, and, most recently, Lean Startup practices. In addition to being a Certified Enterprise Coach, Certified Agile Leadership Educator (CALE), Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach, and Scrum in Hardware Trainer, he holds most of the popular Agile certifications (CSC, CSP, CSM, and SPC). Mr. MacIntyre also holds Active Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security clearance and earned a BS in IT management from Daniel Webster College. He can be reached at