Edgar Barroso

Leadership, Technology

Edgar Barroso is a Cutter Expert and a visiting professor in innovation and public entrepreneurship at the School of Government at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico. Dr. Barroso is a member of Mexico's National System of Art Creators, working on a three-year project dedicated to creating seven chamber and orchestral music pieces based on scientific phenomena combining art, science, and technology.

Dr. Barroso combines his career as a composer and entrepreneur. As a consultant, he promotes and conducts workshops, courses, and seminars on creativity and transdisciplinary collaboration for innovation purposes. Dr. Barroso has also co-designed various interdisciplinary collaboration programs in government agencies, universities, private companies, and nonprofit organizations. As a composer, he has received awards and has performed in Russia, Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

In the last five years, Dr. Barroso has cofounded various startups, including PULGAMA, a startup that focuses on visualization, sonification, and analysis of data; NUUPA, a startup that helps families preserve their memories and legacies via trans-medial support; Zero Viajes Productions, a startup that curates and produces original artistic events and ventures mixing science, art, and technology; and Covolución, a startup that promotes transdisciplinary collaboration in diverse areas of knowledge and professional development.

Dr. Barroso dedicates part of his time to creating and maintaining networks of citizen cooperation for social purposes. He is the founder of several initiatives, including Hands to Sound, a program that allows kids from foster homes to spend a couple of days creating and editing sounds of fragments from their favorite movies while learning about creative industries and media technology; and 60 Minutes for Mexico, a 12,000-member Facebook group, where people share social concerns and find support and cooperation from others in order to take action on areas of opportunity. This idea is evolving into TODUNI, an online platform that will create small cooperative teams. Dr. Barroso received his PhD in music composition from Harvard University, where he was selected as part of the Inaugural Society of Harvard Horizon Scholars. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.