Eystein Thanisch

Eystein Thanisch is a Software Developer with Arthur D. Little’s (ADL’s) UK Digital Problem Solving practice. He enjoys ambitious projects that involve connecting heterogeneous data sets to yield insights into complex, real-world problems and believes in uniting depth of knowledge with technical excellence to build things of real value. Dr. Thanisch is also interested in techniques from natural language processing and beyond for extracting structured data from texts. Prior to joining ADL, he worked on Faclair na Gàidhlig, the historical dictionary of Scottish Gaelic, on a team tasked with building a tagged corpus of transcriptions from pre-modern manuscripts. He also was involved in IrishGen, a project on the use of knowledge graphs to represent medieval genealogical texts. Dr. Thanisch also worked as a freelance editor and analyst for a number of IGOs and academics. He earned a master of science degree in computer science from Birkbeck, University of London, and a PhD in Celtic studies from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He can be reached at experts@cutter.com.