Farah Carrasco Rueda

Farah Carrasco Rueda is a biologist and collaborates with the Field Museum of Natural History of Chicago, currently as a consultant in different conservation projects and previously as coordinator of the Putumayo Biocultural Corridor. She has carried out research in the Peruvian Amazon, evaluating the impacts of human activities, including gas pipeline construction and agricultural activities, on biodiversity and ecological aspects of mammals. Previously, Dr. Rueda was part of the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute’s biodiversity program in partnership with Repsol Exploracion Peru, participating in the canopy bridges project that evaluated the impacts of the construction of a pipeline and tested the effectiveness of natural canopy bridges for arboreal mammals. She earned a master’s degree in conservation and forestry resources from National Agrarian University, Peru, and a PhD in interdisciplinary ecology from the University of Florida. She can be reached at farahcarrasco@gmail.com.