Giancarlo Succi

Giancarlo Succi has consulted with private and public organizations worldwide in the areas of Agile methods, software quality (measurements), software system architecting, design, development, IT strategy, and training for software personnel. Dr. Succi is a tenure Professor at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen (Italy), where he directs the Center for Applied Software Engineering. Previously, he was a tenure Professor at the University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada), where he served as Director of Computer Engineering and Director of the Alberta Software Engineering Research Consortium; Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, Alberta (Canada), where he was Director of the Graduate Program in Software Engineering; and Assistant Professor at the University of Trento (Italy). He was also Chairman of a small software company, EuTec.

Dr. Succi's research involves multiple areas of software engineering. In the area of Agile, he is particularly interested in empirically evaluating the relationships of methodologies and practices, assessing their impact on quality and productivity, and determining the scope of the application of different Agile methods. Within experimental software engineering, his research deals with measuring the effectiveness of so-called software best practices, using noninvasive tools, software metrics, standard statistical techniques, statistical meta-analysis, and neural networks, with special attention on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Dr. Succi's open source development research includes empirical studies of the evolution of open source projects, analysis of the structure of the market in the presence of monopolies and open source products, and tools supporting open source and Agile. His research in software product lines and software reuse includes when and how to establish a software product line; using domain analysis and engineering to make the software product line cost-effective; and integrating a reuse policy within a software development process under the perspectives of a programming paradigm, process maturity, productivity, quality, legal issues and so forth. Dr. Succi is also interested in software engineering over the Internet, including the development of on-demand tools; distributed repositories of reusable software components; a system for coordinating, managing, and accounting the work of distributed teams; Web services; and software engineering.

Dr. Succi has written more than 300 papers for international journals, books, and conferences, and is the editor of six books and the author of four. He has been the principal investigator for projects valued at more than €7 million and has received more than €10 million in research support from private and public granting bodies. Dr. Succi has been the chair and cochair of several international conferences and workshops, a member of the editorial boards of various international journals, and a leader of international research networks. He is a Fulbright Scholar and holds a laurea degree in electrical engineering, a master's of science degree in computer science, and a PhD in computer and electrical engineering. He has been a registered Professional Engineer in Italy since 1991 and obtained full registration in Alberta, Canada, while residing there. He can be reached at