Gregory Pankert

Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies

Gregory Pankert is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium and also a partner with Arthur D. Little. He is deeply experienced with market-entry and growth strategies, content strategies, and regulatory strategies in all segments of the telecommunication, information, media and electronics sector, as well as in other network industries (e.g. postal sector, utilities, transport). He has consulted with clients on fixed-mobile convergence strategies projects including mobile-entry strategies, convergence go-to-market strategies, improvement of three-play strategies, fixed-mobile synergies assessment, partnership strategy for RAN sharing, acquisition of cable co by an MNO, etc.

In addition to network-related projects, Gregory has also led company transformation programs, helping clients define disruptive business models and strategies and translate those into practice in terms of governance and organization redesign, post-merger integration, performance management and change management. He has helped clients with acquiring and managing content rights and related advertising revenues, and with diversification and smart-home solutions.

Gregory speaks French, Dutch, English and German. He can be reached at