Hadrien Vanthomme

Hadrien Vanthomme is Coordinator of the Sustainable Wildlife Management Program in Gabon at CIRAD, where he’s working to help rural communities obtain formal rights to use natural resources. He is a passionate ecologist with 17 years’ experience in designing and carrying out projects for the conservation of biodiversity and the management of natural resources and landscapes. For more than a decade, Dr. Vanthomme worked with the private sector in conservation-corporation collaborations in the Central African Republic, Gabon, Peru, and Paraguay. He has also worked with companies in the energy and infrastructure sectors to mitigate their impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services in sensitive landscapes of Central Africa and Latin America. Dr. Vanthomme earned a master’s degree in biology from the University of Tours, France, and a PhD in resource and ecosystem management. He can be reached at hadrien.vanthomme@cirad.fr.