Joanna Zweig

Joanna Zweig was an independent consultant and CEO of Integral Systems Response, Inc. Her research on Group Coherence revealed a way to learn about the capabilities of collective consciousness that guides successful collaboration beyond a group's initial expectations; her work covered the many of the things classical software models don’t explain. Dr. Zweig worked as a project manager in IT on enterprise initiatives in large businesses. She also produced and directed theatrical productions for more than 20 years. Her passion for collaboration in creative groups helped her formulate the idea of Group Coherence and carry out her four-year doctoral research project. Her research was motivated by her practical experience in two collaborative professional fields where groups exceeded expectations and experienced enormous energy and success in their goals. She contributed to the "soft" side of project management by helping teams achieve their potential during her 50 years of leading groups in multiple contexts.

Dr. Zweig led workshops in Cooperative Inquiry, a group technique to deal with complexity in collaborative research. She also facilitated group practice workshops for increased collective awareness. Dr. Zweig held a PhD in integral studies with an emphasis on learning and change in human systems from the California Institute of Integral Studies, Project Management Institute (PMI) PMP certification, and Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster (SCM) certification.