Jorge V.A. Ronchese is CEO of Suival, the business-IT consulting firm that is Cutter's representative in Argentina and Chile. Mr. Ronchese's wide view of IT/IS management has inspired the Suival Unified Model (SUM) and the metaphor and concepts of Information@risk, a general framework for security of information for companies under ISO 17799 (ISO 27001). He has also developed the "Future Value Tree" thinking tool, a simple graphical method that enables its users to make the value of projects tangible and sustain successful business cases.

Mr. Ronchese has a degree in systems information engineering from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Rosario City, Argentina, where he was also a professor. Recently, he has been responsible for the development and expansion of consulting firms in Latin America. His former roles have included VP of HSO Business Systems for Latin America, Pre-Sales Manager for South America of ARIBA, Inc., Regional Manager of MRO, Inc., and Sales Director of Snoop Consulting.