Kaushik Dutta

Kaushik Dutta is a Professor, Department Chair, and Muma Fellow in the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Muma College of Business, University of South Florida. He has 22 years’ professional and research experience in the field of enterprise IT infrastructure, data analytics, and big data systems. Dr. Dutta's current interest is in the area of mobile advertisement, healthcare, and the application of blockchain in enterprise applications. He has published 35 journal articles and 64 peer-reviewed conference publications and holds patents in the areas of IT infrastructure, caching, and cloud security. Dr. Dutta has received about US $2 million in funding from public and private organizations for research, student projects, and university IT infrastructure. He has served as a reviewer of many IEEE, ACM, and INFORMS journals and conferences. Previously, Dr. Dutta was Associate Professor at National University of Singapore and Florida International University, and he was CTO of Mobilewalla, a Madrona-funded company that developed a big data–based mobile data platform. He can be reached at duttak@usf.edu.