Lukasz Paciorkowski

Łukasz Paciorkowski is Principal Architect and cofounder of Architects for Business, an independent group of technical professionals on a journey to digitize the world. He focuses on translating business visions into technical solutions, particularly in the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, mixed reality, and digitization. Previously, Mr. Paciorkowski worked at Accenture as Senior Manager and IoT Domain Lead, where he combined strategy, business, and technology views to create end-to-end engagement plans for global corporations from multiple industries; and at IBM as Executive Architect and Cloud Advisor, focusing on digital transformation enabled by the cloud. He is also a former member of the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team, where he was coleader of the Organic Innovation program. Mr. Paciorkowski is coauthor of multiple publications, has one patent pending, and is a frequent conference speaker and lecturer. In a visual, unconventional, and sometimes provocative way, he encourages listeners to think outside the box and look at technology topics from an unusual perspective. Mr. Paciorkowski holds a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from the WIT Academy, Poland.