Masa Maeda

Masa K. Maeda is a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. Dr. Maeda, a long-standing Agilist and member of the leading community on high collaboration frameworks, is a pioneer of XSCALE and Kanban for knowledge work. He is also founder of Valueinnova LLC. Dr. Maeda has 26 years’ international experience providing consulting, coaching, and training services to companies from Fortune 500 to startups in four continents. He is a current member of the steering committees for the Ecosystems Alliance, Agile Testing Alliance, DevOps++ Alliance, and Kanban for Knowledge Work Alliance. Dr. Maeda was also on the team that founded Lean Kanban University. He is a founding member of four Silicon Valley startups that pioneered online socialization, online entertainment, and genomics/proteomics. In addition, Dr. Maeda performed R&D at Apple. He has over a dozen Agile-related certifications and holds advanced degrees in artificial intelligence. He can be reached at