Moshe Cohen

Moshe Cohen is President of The Negotiating Table, a firm that provides mediation services to people in conflict as well as negotiation and conflict management training. Since founding the firm in 1995, Mr. Cohen has mediated hundreds of disputes in a variety of settings and in a multitude of topic areas, including workplace and employment disputes, discrimination complaints, torts, civil litigation, landlord-tenant evictions, divorce, family, and interpersonal matters. He teaches negotiation, mediation, facilitation, conflict management, and leadership at Boston University and has also taught at Bentley College and Cambridge College. In addition, Mr. Cohen has conducted training programs for corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and conferences. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in physics, a master’s in electrical engineering from McGill University, and an MBA from Boston University. Mr. Cohen’s career includes more than 12 years’ engineering and project management experience prior to founding The Negotiating Table. He is a frequent guest speaker at business functions, conferences, and universities. Mr. Cohen has also published numerous articles on negotiation, mediation, and conflict management. He can be reached via