Patrick Debois


Patrick Debois is a Cutter Expert. He is an expert is bridging the gap between projects and operations by using Agile techniques in development, project management and system administration.

Over the course of 15 years of consultancy, Patrick has assumed many different roles within large enterprises ranging from developer to network specialist, system administrator, tester, and project manager. This hands-on experience in each of these roles makes him exceptionally skilled in talking to managers, developers and IT people in their own "languages", and allows him to break past silo-based organizational boundaries, resulting in smoother project delivery.

Patrick currently specializes in applying Agile techniques in infrastructure integration projects, or what is increasingly called devops. Agile techniques used in development have an impact on the way Operations organizes it work. Similar, Operations and SysAdmins are becoming programmers because of the virtualization and automation trend where everything is managed through an API following the principle of "infrastructure as code".

Patrick is the organizer of the Devopdays conferences in the US, Europe and Brazil, and is a frequent presenter at Agile conferences and XP Days across the globe. He holds many certifications including Scrum Master and ITIL. He is a member of many professional organizations. He can be reached at