Scott Whitmire

Scott Whitmire is a senior enterprise architect with over 40 years' system architecture and development experience, including several major applications as well as new products and full lines of business. He has designed and built large applications for many industries, such as healthcare, research, aerospace, manufacturing, professional practice management, financial services, wholesale, retail, and telecommunications. Mr. Whitmire serves on the boards of directors for the Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (ABPMP International) and Iasa Global, an association for IT architects. He is an industry thought leader on the practices of enterprise and business architecture with expertise in troubleshooting and measurement, has developed full courses and various parts of multiple bodies of knowledge, and has mentored many architects and engineers. Mr. Whitmire is a Senior Member of the IEEE, an Iasa Fellow, and is a Certified IT Architect (CITA-P). He is a frequent speaker at business and IT architecture events and author of Object Oriented Design Measurement as well as numerous papers, articles, and presentations. He can be reached at