Vince Ryan

Vince Ryan is an Agile consultant at Value Driven Software LLP with a particular interest in software quality assurance and a passion for giving teams the necessary tools to get quality into the delivery process as early as possible. An Agile champion since 2003, Mr. Ryan is an advocate of Lean and XP practices such as test-driven development and pair programming. Helping to promote Agile within the community, he is also a contributor to Adventures with Agile, a community of practice that shares learnings on how to benefit from the long-term adoption of Agile and Lean within organizations.

Mr. Ryan has worked for a number of prestigious firms within the financial, digital media, telecommunications, retail, and manufacturing sectors and spent 16 months providing Agile coaching to the team that won the 2013 UK Agile Award for "Best Agile Team." Mr. Ryan's coaching took the team from a very traditional, waterfall-based delivery method to the successful adoption of an Agile approach using Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework methods, which enabled the team to deliver simpler business solutions based on the priorities that are clearly understood by their stakeholders.

An inspirational and motivational leader, Mr. Ryan has extensive experience of building and managing teams across the US, UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia. On his days off he is a keen snowboarder, and on most weekends during the winter season will be found on a mountain somewhere. He can be reached at vince at