Keynote by Prof. Michael Roberto
Flying High with Leadership and Team Dynamics

Leadership and team dynamics can be critical skills that determine whether your organization soars through a crisis, or crashes to its demise. Does that seem like a dramatic statement? It won’t when you consider how the differences in leadership impacted the flight crews of Air France 447, in 2009, and United 232, in 1989, when they encountered unexpected malfunctions. Prof. Michael Roberto leads this business school case study, Cockpit Dynamics in Air France 447 and United 232, to help you understand how leadership, teamwork, and communication differed in these two scenarios, leading to contrasting outcomes. Our discussion will focus on leadership, communication, teamwork in stressful situations, and the appropriate conditions for people to express dissent. Together, we will learn how to collaborate effectively to solve unexpected problems in high-stakes, time-pressured situations.

[All participants will be sent a Cockpit Dynamics in Air France 447 and United 232 along with some questions to consider prior to the start of the event.]

Michael Roberto

Cutter Consortium Fellow, Prof. Michael Roberto's research focuses on strategic decision-making processes, senior management teams, and the dynamics of organizational failures.




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