Cutter IT Journal: The Elusive Quest for Collaboration and Teamwork

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February 2005
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Collaboration MIA
Somewhere between the espoused value of teamwork, the team-based structures, and the work itself, the collaborative context — and supporting mindsets and skills — seems to be lost.

Teamwork Lives!
Teams solidify member commitment, bubble up new ideas at the intersection of divergent disciplines, and create new knowledge when existing knowledge is freely shared.
"We don't seem to have to learn how to take control, and even manipulate, to produce an intended result. But we do struggle to learn how to work collaboratively -- at least in organizations where control is deeply imbedded in each thread of the fabric."
- Christopher Avery, Guest Editor

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Business Performance Management: Have We Gotten Anywhere?

Guest Editor: Vince Kellen
With the introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley, companies have a renewed -- albeit forced -- interest in quality controls, auditing standards, and documented processes, all of which generate performance management data. One could argue that the ground is fertile for continued development of business performance management (BPM). Or is it? Join us next month for a debate on the state of BPM systems. We'll discuss best practices for successful IT BPM, take a look at the art of data visualization, consider the role of the CIO, and more!

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Where is the teamwork -- the collaborative leadership, the team mindsets, the collaborative environments, and the team skills -- in IT? Does IT want, need, and deserve teamwork and collaboration as a norm, or is it just too much to ask? Join Guest Editor Christopher Avery for a debate on key issues surrounding the elusive quest for collaboration and teamwork in IT. You'll receive best practices on designing and developing collaborative IT organizations, innovative solutions for helping cowboy coders see the error of their ways, and an overview of how organizational structures impact teams and teamwork.