Devops: A Software Revolution in the Making?

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Devops: A Software Revolution in the Making?

with Patrick Debois

Devops isn't just about development and operations working together. Devops applies to the whole organization. Devops is a grass-roots movement that unleashes the power of the people on the floor to achieve awesome results, and moves the role of management from directive to supportive. That is the focus of this issue of Cutter IT Journal, the first installment of a two-part series.

This issue includes these articles:

  • Opening Statement by Patrick Debois
  • Why Enterprises Must Adopt Devops to Enable Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and Joanne Molesky
  • Devops at Advance Internet: How We Got in the Door by Eric Shamow
  • The Business Case for Devops: A Five-Year Retrospective by Lawrence Fitzpatrick and Michael Dillon
  • Next-Generation Process Integration: CMMI and ITIL Do Devops by Bill Phifer
  • Devops: So You Say You Want a Revolution? by Dominica DeGrandis

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