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design thinking

6 Key Steps to a Design Thinking Mindset

by Biren Mehta, by Gustav Toppenberg

For decades, designers have used design thinking to develop products or services, but only in the last decade has the wider business community applied the approach. In this Advisor, we describe three overarching themes in the design thinking process and further break these down into six key steps to follow on your design thinking journey. 


Innovation Models Across Industries: A Linear or Complex Path?

by Katia Passerini

In this on-demand webinar, Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Katia Passerini leads a discussion on the role of disruptive technology and how the process of innovation can drastically differ from what companies consider to be good business practices, as well as from what individuals are comfortable with.

Analog Me

Analog Me

by Vince Kellen

Recently, I have had dreams of waking up in the middle of the woods in central Canada with no cellular signal, no Wi-Fi, no computers, no cell phone, nothing. And I am happy. Very happy.

Envisioning the Organization of the Future: The Cognitive Enterprise

Envisioning the Organization of the Future: The Cognitive Enterprise

by William Ulrich

The cognitive enterprise relies on a business knowledgebase, framed by its business architecture, and cognitive computing technologies. In this on-demand webinar, you'll discover what it takes to evolve to become a highly adaptive enterprise — one that is increasingly efficient, effective, and responsive to customer demands; one that can respond quickly to whatever comes its way.


Increasing Transparency in Opaque Organizations

by Emilio Gutter

Despite society’s push for transparency, when we move the discussion of transparency outside the public sphere to the domain of individual corporations, there does not appear to be a common understanding of what transparency means, whether it’s actually needed, or if it has any benefits at all.

Skills crisis

Defining the Skills Shortage in Industry 4.0

by Barry OReilly

As companies move toward solving more of their critical everyday needs with advanced technology, almost all report suffering from a shortage of skills to handle wave after wave of new technologies. This Advisor explores the skills shortage in Industry 4.0.

Connected health

An Architecture for Connected Health

by Frederic Adam, by Paidi O Raghallaigh

This Advisor proposes an architecture for the delivery of a connected health service that may pave the way for future connected health systems.

Executive Update

The Evolving Enterprise API Platform

by James Higginbotham

This Executive Update examines some current trends in the API space, including API platforms, as well as the influence of microservices, streaming, and serverless on those API platforms. We also cover how enterprises are expanding their API program to include the broader concerns of enterprise architecture. Finally, we take a look at what those trends and perspective shifts may hold for us in the future.