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Expert guidance in business technology strategy, leadership, and implementation in response to digitally-driven disruption of traditional business models. From emerging new operating models to strategies that put data at the heart of your business; overcoming cultural hurdles to what makes a digital leader; achieving enterprise agility to creating a culture that supports continuous experimentation — you’ll be on the cutting edge of the factors that are critical to successful digital transformation.

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The days of EA managers who are not involved closely and directly in the digital transformation of their companies are numbered. Digital transformation has stolen their value proposition. Digital transformation is telling a powerful and compelling story to the leaders of the organization: change is needed now. If EA is truly the bridge between strategy and execution — if it is the key to enabling change — then digital transformation should leverage EA.
Enterprises have every right to expect their CIO to think creatively, not just about how they can effectively use technology themselves, but also how somebody else could use technology to destroy their business.
Businesses have traditionally organized themselves to ensure optimal effectiveness in each of their business functions. In today’s business climate, however, shorter product lifecycles, demand for customization, rising consumer expectations, and the growth of automation and data challenge this model. This Executive Update explains how success requires organizations to decouple capabilities from business functions in order to deliver best-in-class performance and enable the “company of tomorrow.”
Part I of this Executive Update series on intelligent process automation (IPA) in the enterprise looks at the current and future status of IPA in the organization.
Business acumen requires insight about the concentric circles of the company, its industry, and broader markets to wisely consider strategy, risk, financial standing, and performance aims in all decisions. Such thinking is not possible, nor is innovation, without a fundamental understanding of a firm’s value chain, its competitive advantage, and business dynamics. Essential to such acumen is the ability to transform increasingly costless and abundant data into information that is actionable for meaningful decisions.
How can mHealth support the new challenges and opportunities of telehealth? In this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal (CBTJ), we present some stimulating articles that illustrate the impact now, and the future direction, of mHealth.
With a focus on brain health and neuroscience, Sean Lorenz describes how technology is helping us better assess our brain health journeys with remote detection, diagnosis, and treatment tools. Given the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, he explores the urgent need that requires the healthcare system to actively look toward telehealth and RPM.
What’s happening when we’re reaching the right customers and meeting their strategic needs? That question is the opening gambit in an interesting kind of strategy review. In this Executive Update, we offer the design of two types of reviews — the OI-SR and OI-SDR — which together bring alignment and experiment­ation into prominence.