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Boost business success via insights on emerging trends in digital transformation and IT strategy; practical frameworks you can apply; and guidance from the world’s experts in areas as diverse as leadership, IaaS, investment prioritization, operational excellence, sustainable innovation, change management, enterprise agility, and applications of new technologies.

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Failures of Notice and Consent in the IoT Context

by R Jason Cronk

One major purpose of the IoT is to collect massive amounts of very discrete data for analysis. Thus, the relevant privacy problems of big data come into play, specifically those of aggregation, scale, and difficulty in understanding what predictive analysis may ultimately affect the individual's interaction with the object.

Executive Update

Conway’s Law in a Time of Digital Disruption

by John Heintz, by Israel Gat

With more and more companies embarking on digital transformation efforts of one kind or another, Conway’s law applies simultaneously to three levels of disruption, as identified by Geoffrey Moore: the traditional R&D and IT level, the operating model, and the overall business design. This Executive Update provides guidance on how to apply Conway’s law meaningfully within and across these three disruption levels.


Recognizing and Managing Indulgences

by Vince Kellen

One of the joys of IT is that it gives people the opportunity to learn new concepts and new skills and explore an inner mental world of creativity and show off their new creations.

Executive Report

MobilePay by Danske Bank: A Disruptive Mobile Payment Platform

by Mathias Skaarup Lyster

This Executive Report assesses how a Danish bank managed to become the dominant player in the Danish mobile payment market by pursuing a disruptive “up-market” trajectory. By creating an autonomous business unit with full access to tangible and intangible organizational resources, Danske Bank developed the mobile payment app MobilePay, which has been downloaded by more than 60% of the Danish adult population, while creating a significant branding spillover effect in the bank’s favor.

Executive Summary

MobilePay by Danske Bank: A Disruptive Mobile Payment Platform (Executive Summary)

by Mathias Skaarup Lyster

This Executive Summary and its accompanying Executive Report provides a case description of how a Danish bank managed to create a mobile payment application that has now been installed and activated by more than 60% of the adult population in Denmark.