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Boost business success via insights on emerging trends in digital transformation and IT strategy; practical frameworks you can apply; and guidance from the world’s experts in areas as diverse as leadership, IaaS, investment prioritization, operational excellence, sustainable innovation, change management, enterprise agility, and applications of new technologies.

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Volkswagen’s Scandal by Crooked Software

by Robert Charette

The unfolding Volkswagen emissions control cheating scandal has all the ingredients and drama of a great Shakespearean play.


Cloud Procurement: Find the Cost and Flexibility Balance

by James Mitchell

Why does the word "commodity" raise the hackles of business technologists? It could just be a matter of semantics, according to Cutter Senior Consultant James Mitchell.

Executive Summary

The Psychology of Agile: Group Dynamics and Organizational Adoption (Executive Summary)

by Bhuvan Unhelkar

This Executive Summary highlights the various psychological and social aspects of transitioning to (and rendering) an Agile organization.

Executive Report

The Psychology of Agile: Group Dynamics and Organizational Adoption

by Bhuvan Unhelkar

Adopting Agile as an organizational culture is a different ball game than that of practicing Agile as an individual on the project level. Yes, it’s the same ball, but a different game. This Executive Report focuses on how to best render an entire organization Agile. Practical, logistical challenges involve nonproject (business-as-usual) situations, part-time or telecommuting work, outsourced vendor relationships, ROI, and regulations. Despite the challenges, as argued in this report, it is precisely at this organizational culture level that Agile provides its maximum value.

Executive Update

The Internet of Things, Part I: Organizational Views and Current Status

by Curt Hall

What is the status of IoT efforts within organizations? In addition, how do companies view the IoT, and connected products in general, in terms of importance? Moreover, what are the main factors influencing organizations to develop connected products and services, and what are their plans for developing such applications in the near future? Just as important, what are the issues and roadblocks organizations perceive as standing in their way?