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Figure 4b — Rule concision: the worst case.

Refining Reconciliation: A Machine Learning Approach to the Financial Industry’s Toughest Task

by Zhuo Li, by Jianling Sun

In this article, we examine different machine learning mechanisms and propose a maximally specific con­junctive approach to fitting massive data sets in the real world of reconciliation. Furthermore, we provide a balanced solution to address the high skewness in reconciliation data sets.

Table 1 — Correlation matrix of asset classes.

A Robo-Advisor for China: Asset Allocation in Alpha UMa

by Jie Yang, by Hanxi Ye, by Yadan Wei, by Linqian Bao

There are 100 million retail investors in China. However, traditional financial advisors charge a lot, and not all investment advisors are trustworthy. For retail investors, it takes considerable time and knowledge to conduct portfolio management, and it is difficult for most retail investors to offset potential risks due to capital requirements in China. As a result, most of China’s retail investors are not able to gain secured returns in the country’s securities market.


Challenges and Success Factors in Global Test Outsourcing

by Xiaochun Zhu, by Li Shanping

Nowadays, many companies contract their testing functions out to third-party IT outsourcing companies. This process, referred to as test outsourcing, is common in the industry, yet it is rarely studied in the research community. To bridge this gap, we performed an empirical study on test outsourcing with 10 interviewees and 140 survey respondents. We investigated various research questions and found that customer satisfaction expectations, tight project schedule, and domain unfamiliarity are the top three challenges testers face. 

Machine learning in BlueMorpho.

Modernizing Legacy Systems with Machine Intelligence

by Albert Ma

BlueMorpho is a joint research project between InSigma Hengtian Software Ltd. and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, the goal of which is to empower the legacy system modernization effort and cloud migration. My BlueMorpho colleagues and I believe that about 50%-60% of overall migration costs can be saved with the use of machine intelligence and a new methodology.

Figure 1 — Emerging model of regulation and diversity in equity crowdfunding.

Wise Crowds, Safe Crowds: Balancing Diversity and Protection in Crowd Investing

by Jack Smith, by Joseph Feller, by Rob Gleasure, by Philip OReilly, by Jerry Cristoforo, by Li Shanping

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 99% of the businesses in Europe and are a major source of jobs and innovation. SMEs, however, perpetually face a lack of sufficient funding. Traditional financing mechanisms such as bank loans, venture capital, and angel investments are often not available to many SMEs. Peer-to-peer financing in the form of crowdfunding is increasingly filling a funding gap for companies that are unable to obtain traditional financing or are too early in their lifecycle to attract angel investors and venture capitalists. Indeed, it was predicted the amount of funding received through crowdfunding would exceed venture capital in 2016.

Philip O'Reilly

Beyond Fintech: New Frontiers — Opening Statement

by Philip OReilly

This issue focuses on key topics of interest for financial services organizations, namely equity crowdfunding, legacy systems migration, robo-advisors, test outsourcing, and refining the reconciliation process.

David Wortley
Executive Update

Digital Disruption of Business Models: The Mass Mitec Story

by David Wortley

Today, the raft of truly disruptive and empowering consumer technologies is both unprecedented and, to a large extent, unpredictable in its consequences for businesses of all sizes and for society as a whole. This Executive Update charts the digital transformation of Mass Mitec, a UK-based small-to-medium enterprise, via a disruptive digital technology in the 1990s and uses the story as an illustration of the potential and dangers of digital disruption.

Paul Harmon

Google Plays Go, Again

by Paul Harmon

Here comes the automation of innovation. Organizations that move quickly and introduce these systems are going to be well placed to gain insights that will give them serious competitive advantages to their more staid competitors.