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Boost business success via insights on emerging trends in digital transformation and IT strategy; practical frameworks you can apply; and guidance from the world’s experts in leadership, IaaS, investment prioritization, operational excellence, sustainable innovation, change management, enterprise agility, and applying emerging technologies.

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Executive Update

Digital Lean Management: Unlock Potential and Achieve Higher Performance Levels

by Bernd Schreiber, by Engin Beken

Successful companies have achieved outstanding performance by incorporating Lean management at the center of their corporate transformations. At the same time, the potential of digital technologies to transform performance has become widely recognized. However, bringing together Lean and digital tends to bring about two conflicting scenarios: companies that realize a radical performance increase of up to 50% or more, or companies that become stuck in situations in which initiatives happen in silos, efforts lack coordination, and success is never achieved. This Executive Update offers guidance on trans­forming companies to digital Lean by developing their Lean capabilities and embedding technological building blocks into their value streams.


5 Focus Areas for Planning a Scalable RPA Roadmap

by Mohan Babu K

In this Advisor, the author recommends, based on his personal experience, five key design topics to consider in rolling out scalable robotic process automation solutions. Above all, business stakeholders will expect attention to detail when it comes to robots that operate with live financial, customer, employee, and other corporate data.

Executive Update

Managing Change: Leveraging the “Nature of People”

by Scott Stribrny, by Jim Stanton

Most managers are unaware of why people act the way they do and usually don’t care. Attempts to initiate change and manage activities are typically based on desired outcomes, rather than an awareness of how people are going to respond to new things — or to the unknown. Managers have few “nature of people” principles built into their management protocols and have likely not developed situational awareness.


Transformation and Value Creation Require Continuous Evolution

by Mathieu Blondel

Digital technology has a major role to play in the organizations of the future, but in order to reap the full benefits of these new technologies, organizations must continue to evolve on a daily basis. In this Advisor, we identify four strategic imperatives for organizations to consider as they continue on their journey to achieve a new digital norm, in which the focus moves beyond tactical cost reduction or operational enhancement toward the holistic enhancement of value propositions.

ambidextrous organization
Executive Update

Ambidextrous Organizations: How to Embrace Disruption and Create Organizational Advantage

by Wilhelm Lerner, by Marten Zieris

This Executive Update describes the Ambidextrous Organization Development Canvas and how it enables management teams to discuss organization development issues in a common language and make decisions on development aims and organization transformation priorities. (Not a Cutter member? For a limited time, you can download your complimentary copy here.)


Accountability of Algorithmic Systems: How We Can Control What We Can’t Exactly Measure

by Yiannis Kanellopoulos

Yiannis Kanellopoulos addresses a key issue that we need to satisfactorily tackle: the accountability of algorithmic systems. Automated decision making can go seriously wrong, and hence, evaluating an algorithmic system and the organization that utilizes it in terms of their accountability and transparency assumes ever greater importance.


Decision Automation: Challenges and Opportunities

by Daniel Power, by Ciara Heavin

Daniel Power and Ciara Heavin discuss the need for — and the benefits of — automating decisions and decision processes and explore major areas of decision automation. They examine emerging, innovative sens­ing technologies — such as ambient intelligence and the IoT — that support decision automation and identify five major challenges and opportunities associated with deploying decision automation and sensors.


Defining a Roadmap for RPA and Intelligent Automation

by Mohan Babu K

Mohan Babu K presents a roadmap for rolling out RPA and examines RPA solutions from key vendors. He then presents a snapshot of real-world stories of RPA adoption across industry domains and, based on his personal experience, recommends five key design topics to consider in rolling out scalable RPA solutions.