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Aluru Chandra
Executive Update

Building Trusted Partnerships with Customers

by Aluru Chandra

This Executive Update proposes a five-layer customer engagement stack — running from customer dissatisfaction through customer satisfaction, customer delight, customer success, and finally partnership. The maturity level of an engagement between a service provider and a customer is a function of the attitude of the people working with the service provider and the perception formed by the customer.


Business Technology Trends and Predictions, 2018 (PDF)

by Cutter Consortium

Executive Update

Making Airports Smarter

by Soumya Tapadar, by Rajiv Rao

In this Executive Update, we explore how digital technologies will play a pivotal role in driving superior passenger experience as well as operational excellence in the journey toward smarter, safer, greener, more secure, and more sustainable airports of the future.

Karippur Nanda Kumar

Follow the Leaders: The Hub Economy Sets Its Sights on Southeast Asia

by Karippur Nanda Kumar

As the population of Southeast Asia grows exponentially, so does the reliance on smartphones and the Internet. This expansion of ecommerce is proving irresistible to the major technology players, which are jockeying for position at the top. This leaves little room for smaller players in banking, retail, transportation, and other services. Enterprises from Southeast Asia need to catch up with technological advancements and plan for the future as digitization becomes a top priority.

Michael Roberto

Innovation — Why is it Hard on the Brain?

by Michael Roberto

In this on-demand webinar, you'll discover the challenges and pitfalls associated with adopting design thinking and learn how to overcome these challenges in your organization. 

Rob Austin

The Cutter Pod, Episode 2: Managing in the Age of Transparency: The Puddle Fallacy

by Robert Austin

In this episode of The Cutter Pod, Cutter Consortium Fellow Rob Austin talks about — and tells stories of — the impact that a once-unimaginable volume of data flowing around via the web can have on organizations and individuals, and he offers advice to business technology leaders about how they can manage both the positive and negative consequences.

The Era of the Hub Economy

The Era of the Hub Economy

by Karim Lakhani

HBS Professor and Cutter Fellow Karim Lakhani highlights how a small number of “hub firms,” such as Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, are dominating and disrupting traditional businesses by leveraging their network-based strength to gain market share. Lakhani offers advice on competing with these hub firms and laments the need to examine future prospects in the context of the hub economy.


Business Technology Trends and Predictions, 2018 — Opening Statement

by Cutter Team

As we do each year, we asked Cutter’s team of experts to weigh in on some of the technologies, trends, and strategies that will truly make waves in the months to come. We hope the articles in this issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal help clarify your organization’s path forward in today’s digital economy.