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Boost business success via insights on emerging trends in digital transformation and IT strategy; practical frameworks you can apply; and guidance from the world’s experts in areas as diverse as leadership, IaaS, investment prioritization, operational excellence, sustainable innovation, change management, enterprise agility, and applications of new technologies.

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From Disruptive Innovation to "Killer" Innovation: How to Deal with Deep, Fast, and Detrimental Changes

by Yesha Sivan, by Raz Heiferman

Disruptive innovation, a well-known business concept defined by Clayton Christensen, is changing. When he first defined this concept back in 1997, digital technologies already existed, but they were just beginning to make their impact on strategy and the process of disruption.

Executive Update

Avoiding the Great App Trap

by Brian Dooley

Mobile app security is a problem for the individual user, for the corporation, for the app developer, for the network provider, and for any software or access point available for exploitation. The seriousness and wide extent of these vulnerabilities define the “Great App Trap.” Without sufficient care, it is easy to overlook any of the innumerable issues. 


Self-Victimization and the Black Belt Way

by Vince Kellen

In the difficult global competition today and ahead of us, finding solace in victimhood serves no one. As in the past and in the future, events will be dictated by teams of people believing all things are possible. Setting big goals, establishing metrics, and monitoring performance become important, but the most important metric will be counting the myriad of small successes found in daily challenges and the continual pursuit of even more complex ones. Is your organization so brave as to measure something this mundane?


Talking the Talk: Advice to C-Suite(rs) About “Game-Changing” Technology

by Steve Andriole

What’s a CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, or business unit president to do? Especially when they go to an investor conference and they’re asked to explain “the game-changing technology plan”? Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole poses three questions that all C-suite residents must answer without hesitation.


IT Trends for the Next Decade: Does an IT Quantum Leap Lie Ahead?

by Alexandre Rodrigues

Today we face a new forthcoming step change in our ability to manage information and the physical environment around us through information technology. The technology most likely to trigger and sustain such a ­discrete change, capable of breaking the barriers of timeand space (which are starting to limit us to further progress), is quantum computing. This paradigm is based on perhaps the most powerful discovery of all time for our understanding of the universe: quantum physics. Well beyond science fiction, quantum computers are just now becoming something the major players in the IT and aerospace worlds are seriously exploring, as they aim to become the innovators and leaders of the “IT quantum leap.”