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Executive Update

From the Board: Leading and Governing Digital Assets

by Steven De Haes, by Anant Joshi, by Tim Huygh, by Laura Caluwe

Despite general agreement among researchers and academics of the need for board-level involvement in IT governance, it appears that in practice this is more the exception than the rule. Given the prevalence of this issue, we have sought to answer the question, “What is the state of the art of the research domain of board-level IT governance?” In this Executive Update, we share our findings on the various determinants, theories, and outcomes surrounding board-level IT governance and share some practical guidance.


Understanding the API Spectrum

by Chintamani Joshi

APIs are bringing about new opportunities by creating new channels for partnerships, promoting brands, and experimenting with customer-influenced innovative solutions and alternate business models. In this Advisor, I explore the spectrum of APIs. Knowing the spectrum of APIs and how they work helps formulate and guide API and software strategy, aids in decision making on interfacing architecture, and helps assess readiness from business, technical, compliance, and risk perspectives.

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The Challenge of this “Thing” Called Customer Experience

by Paul Clermont

The new frontier for competition is the entire customer experience (CX) — from thinking about a purchase to the renewal (of a service) or replacement (of a product).


Blockchain Technology and Privacy

by Robin Renwick

Understanding certain perspectives of privacy allows us to detail why it is important in the context of blockchain, distributed ledger, and smart contract technology. Thus, questioning the importance of privacy to anyone deploying the technology, using the technology, or regulating the technology, is important. How is a blockchain different than any database? How is it used differently than normal databases? What are the implications of deploying an immutable record of information in a distributed consensus network? How is the technology used in blockchains different from any other information or data storage technology? These are the questions firms should be asking as they attempt to understand the concept and its implications on an active, and evolving, basis.


Technical Due Diligence for Acquisitions

Cutter Consortium’s Technical Due Diligence for Acquisitions ensures an unbiased assessment of the software, software architecture, technology, security, and technology skills of your potential acquisition. Discover the value and SWOTs of your target company’s current-state systems.


Intelligence at the Edge of IoT

by Curt Hall

This article discusses the Industrial Internet along with the IoT applications and domains that are most likely to benefit from edge computing.

fog edge

Fog/Edge Computing: Opportunities, Case Studies, Challenges — Opening Statement

by Cutter Consortium

This issue of Cutter Business Technology Journal offers perspectives from seven authors on fog/edge computing to bring some sunlight to the challenges, benefits, and possible uses of these emerging technologies.


Flying Through the Fog: Aerial Drones in Supply Chain Delivery

by Charles Byers, by Katalin Bartfai Walcott

The authors address the criteria for operating unmanned aerial vehicles, or “aerial drones,” in a fog architecture. The use of drones in supply chain delivery offers faster, more cost-effective delivery but also poses myriad concerns, ranging from collision to security risks, as well as regulatory concerns.