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Recently Published

Executive Update

From Digital Shift to Digital Champion

by Fabian Sempf, by Fabian Doemer, by Volker Pfirsching

This Executive Update sets out a roadmap to help companies understand what becoming a digital company means for them and how a digital equilibrium can be achieved, based on experience with traditional, non-digital businesses.

IT in the time of Coronavirus

COVID-19: IT’s Fancy Fresh Hell

by Lou Mazzucchelli

I don’t have to tell you about the impact of the coronavirus — you are feeling it. While we are all negatively affected personally, businesses are experiencing a spectrum of effects. Some are seeing an explosion of their e-commerce activities. Others are watching their business collapse as activities at all points in their supply chain slow down. Much has been written about dealing with explosive growth, so let’s focus on the downside case. This is where organizations show their true character.

On-Demand Webinar

Assessing and Managing Risk in the Time of Coronavirus: Part 1 — Changing Organizational Risk Behavior

by Laurel Austin

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing executives, managers, policy makers, and the rank-and-file within organizations worldwide to quickly assess the risks they face and make business- and life-impacting decisions. In Part 1 of this 2-part webinar series, Dr. Laurel Austin reviews how we manage risk, and practices we need to employ to help us overcome common errors in how people perceive, assess, and react to risks they face.

The Skies Are Opening for Drone Delivery

The Skies Are Opening for Drone Delivery

by Helen Pukszta

With announcements on two regulations, one addressing the certification of unmanned aircraft and the other the certification of carriers using drones for delivery, the FAA revealed the regulatory framework that accom­modates commercial package delivery by drones.

Paving a Path to Innovation

Paving a Path to Innovation

by Katia Passerini

In her on-demand webinar, “Innovation Models Across Industries: A Linear or Complex Path?” Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Katia Passerini considers innovation across many of the key sectors that are being — or will be — disrupted by technology. In this Advisor, we share some of the questions addressed in the Q&A portion of the webinar.

Five Keys to Success

5 Keys to Success in Digital Transformation

by Stijn Viaene

In this Advisor, Stijn Viaene has distilled five conditions for digital transformation success at the highest level that have emerged from his research.


Digital Shift in Value Creation: Social Computing Model for Human Needs Fulfillment

by Athula Ginige, by Marie Fernando

Athula Ginige and Marie D. Fernando look at the idea of value creation in the digital shift era. In particular, their interest lies in how current Web- and mobile-based applications support what they term the “social computing” model, a new computing paradigm that stands apart from preceding computing paradigms. Their article presents a model for human needs fulfillment, which helps organizations map out their digital value-creation process and reveals the underlying information flow pattern required to secure trust.

digital culture

It Takes a Culture Shift to Make a Digital Shift

by Richard Veryard

A few years ago, I shared my thoughts on how consumer-facing organizations could use digital tools to engage better with their customers.” This article takes that idea a step further and describes the internal organizational and cultural changes that are required for this kind of digital transformation.