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Government agencies were investing in automation long before COVID-19. But as the pandemic has dragged on, they are increasingly turning to RPA and IPA platforms whose capabilities are bolstered by artificial intelligence technologies in order to better meet the expectations and demands placed on them by citizens. This Advisor identifies some of the more popular IPA applications in government.
This Executive Update highlights the advantages and challenges in using deep learning for business decision making and outlines a high-level dynamic deep learning architecture.
Ensuring that analytics projects create value for the business is easier said than done, and expensive, complex data projects are prime targets for (the wrong kind of) management attention. In this Advisor, we identify the four fundamental requirements for successful analytics projects (sponsor, tools, team, and project/problem). These key attributes can assist project managers in setting priorities.
In Part X of this Executive Update series on IPA in the enterprise, we examine findings covering the key industries in which organizations see IPA having its greatest impact.
The adoption of automation in the healthcare industry has really taken off since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Advisor, we look at a few examples of how healthcare and medical organizations utilize IPA to enhance and improve operations.
Research organizations love trendy “celebrity” technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, cybersecurity, distributed clouds, and privacy technology. They’re easy to identify and hype. Many are, in fact, impactful in any given year. But what about the “underdogs”? Can they become “wonderdogs”? In this Advisor, we take a closer look at five underdog technologies that might have a major future impact on our personal and professional lives.
Many think that the more power that we vest in machines, the more harm they will do. But what if we could reverse that? What if we could harness AI and other digital technology to achieve fiducia ex machina: “trust from the machines”?
In Part IX of this Executive Update series, we examine findings covering the use cases that organizations view as most viable for applying IPA.