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Mitigating the Impact of the Coronavirus: The Role of Blockchain

Blockchain’s Role in Mitigating the Impact of Coronavirus

by Curt Hall

As the novel coronavirus contagion rages, governments and commercial enterprises are utilizing blockchain to better manage the disease and mitigate its impact. This Advisor explores how the pandemic is driving the use of blockchain technology across the globe.

Out of the Lakehouse, Into the Lake

Data Architecture — Out of the Lakehouse, Into the Lake

by Barry Devlin

After a decade of data lakes, their architectural foundation is as muddy as ever.

Intelligent Process Automation and the Evolution of RPA

Intelligent Process Automation: A Work in Progress

by Curt Hall

The use of machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, smartbots, and other artificial intelligence technologies to automate complex business processes is not new. What is new is the integration of such technologies so that they execute within the workflows of robotic process automation (RPA) platforms to support intelligent process automation.


Digital Shift in Value Creation: Social Computing Model for Human Needs Fulfillment

by Athula Ginige, by Marie Fernando

Athula Ginige and Marie D. Fernando look at the idea of value creation in the digital shift era. In particular, their interest lies in how current Web- and mobile-based applications support what they term the “social computing” model, a new computing paradigm that stands apart from preceding computing paradigms. Their article presents a model for human needs fulfillment, which helps organizations map out their digital value-creation process and reveals the underlying information flow pattern required to secure trust.

Outside Experts for CX Strategy Development and Implementation

Is There a Role for Outside Experts in CX Initiatives?

by Curt Hall

The current trend indicates that most organizations tend to rely on (or are planning to rely on) in-house CX development, while just under 30% of organizations surveyed said that they were using or planning to use outside specialists to assist them with implementing their CX strategies and programs. I see this trend changing over the next 12-16 months, with the use of outside CX consultancies increasing in order to satisfy current and future demands for CX adoption.

digital culture

It Takes a Culture Shift to Make a Digital Shift

by Richard Veryard

A few years ago, I shared my thoughts on how consumer-facing organizations could use digital tools to engage better with their customers.” This article takes that idea a step further and describes the internal organizational and cultural changes that are required for this kind of digital transformation.


Digital Shift — Opening Statement

by Volker Pfirsching

We feature five articles in this CBTJ, covering a wide range of issues relating to the digital shift — from securing executive-level buy-in during the transition and overcoming organizational/cultural inertia to creating a holistic overview of the enterprise and mapping the digital value-creation process.

Data Architecture – Containing the Lakehouse

Data Architecture — Containing the Lakehouse

by Barry Devlin

The early emergence of a new, potentially viral term — a “lakehouse” — suggests another wave of fuzzy thinking is about to infect the data architecture space.