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Strategic advice & alerts to leverage data analytics & new technologies

Leverage data and the technologies that generate it, from IoT to AI/machine learning, wearables, blockchain, and more, to improve decision-making, enrich collaboration and enable new services.

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Data Analytics & Digital Technologies

Leveraging Digital Artifacts for Internal Information Superiority

by Stefan Henningsson, by Christian Ohrgaard

Data-driven decision management is an approach to managing business that focuses on decision making that can be backed up with verifiable data.

Executive Update

The Data Value Map: Data’s Discursive Template

by Tadhg Nagle, by David Sammon

In this Executive Update, we present the Data Value Map (DVM), a discursive template that facilitates the development of a shared understanding around data. The template helps enable open conver­sations and a co-construction of understanding between the parties involved, which can promote a value-driven approach to data projects.

Figure 1 — Are your organization's deployed AI application(s) living up to or exceeding expectations?

Are Enterprise AI Applications Meeting Expectations?

by Curt Hall

A key question I’ve had for some time is: how well are enterprise AI applications living up to expectations? Initial results from our ongoing survey covering the adoption and application of AI technology (based on initial responses from 105 participating organizations) provides some insight into this question.

Nature, Earth, Sustainability, Leaf, Arrows, Caution.

Looking at All the Sides of Sustainable Cloud

by Rajkumar Buyya, by Sukhpal Singh Gill

The ever-increasing demand for cloud computing services deployed across multiple cloud data centers (CDCs) necessitates a significant amount of power, resulting in high carbon emissions and a negative effect on the environment. In sustainable cloud computing, renewable energy resources power the cloud data centers, replacing the conventional fossil fuel–based grid electricity or brown energy to effectively reduce carbon emissions.

Curt Hall

AI for Customer Engagement/Customer Experience Management

by Curt Hall

Our latest research indicates that organizations overwhelmingly view customer engagement/customer experience management as the most viable use case for applying AI. This finding comes from an ongoing Cutter Consortium survey covering the adoption and application of AI and machine learning technology, based on the initial responses from 105 participating organizations.


AI Banking Initiatives in India

by Hema Kumaran, by Prema Sankaran, by Raj Gururajan

In this Advisor, we highlight a few AI applications that Indian banks have implemented to enhance customer experience. 


Toward Ecosystems: How Blockchain Disrupts the Business Model

by Karolina Marzantowicz, by Maciej Jedrzejczyk

2018 is a defining year for the commercial adoption of blockchain. Initiatives in various industries have reached a maturity threshold, marked by a transition of focus from experimental proof of concept projects toward production use.


Privacy Regained: Is Blockstack the Template for a New Internet?

by Stephen Walsh

Blockchain protocols have the potential to facilitate a fundamental shift in the Internet business model from its current status, where the user is the product, to a future model, where the user is the customer and the user’s data always remains in the user’s control.