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Steve Bell

How to Maximize your Investment in Big Data with Lean Thinking

by Steve Bell, by Karen Whitley Bell

In this on-demand webinar, you'll discover how you can combine big data analytics with a Lean approach to disciplined problem solving, enabled by a Lean management system, to optimize decision making, investment, and performance.

Executive Update

Data-Centric Security and Protection, Part II: Major Threats and Sensitive Data

by Curt Hall

In Part II of this series, we examine survey findings pertaining to the biggest perceived threats to sensitive data protection efforts as well as issues and concerns for protecting data in cloud platforms and applications.

Image by Martin Grandjean

Approaches to NoSQL Analytics

by Jeff Carr

In the history of NoSQL data, there have been many approaches to solving the problem of performing analytics on it. Not all of these approaches are able to solve all problems in NoSQL analytics — they vary greatly in their expressiveness and flexibility.


Maximize Your Return on Big Data Investments with Lean Thinking

Optimize your Big Data investments, decision making, and performance.


Data Breach Insurance Trends

by Curt Hall

According to our research, current adoption of data breach protection insurance is fairly limited. This is somewhat surprising, as I had expected usage to be considerably higher due to the many high-profile data breaches appearing in the news.

Karen Coburn

Top Intriguing Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Articles for 2016

by Karen Coburn

As has been our tradition for the last several years, we've compiled the five most intriguing articles published by the Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practice this year for today's Advisor. How did we come up with this list? We chose the articles that garnered the most feedback from Cutter Members and clients and those that created controversy among Cutter Senior Consultants and Fellows.

Leslie Willcocks
Executive Update

Fire Alarm in Financial Services: The Regulatory Landscape for Cloud and Outsourcing

by Leslie Willcocks, by Daniel Gozman

In this Executive Update, the first of three related articles, we examine financial services as an example of a highly regulated industry and outline the regulatory landscape that creates points of tension for cloud adoption. We also incorporate perspectives from a differentiated range of stakeholders, including lawyers, technologists, compliance executives, and outsourcing managers.

Figure 1 — Does your organization have a data breach incident remediation plan in place?

Adoption Trends for Data Breach Remediation Plans

by Curt Hall

Data breaches are front and center in the news again. And with the hacking of the US Democratic National Committee's (DNC) servers, allegedly by Russian security services in an effort to influence the outcome of the American presidential election, and Yahoo's latest announcement of a yet another hack involving data associated with more than one billion (!) accounts, it is obvious that no system should ever be considered entirely safe from breaches, regardless of the data security and protection solutions in place.