Get your teams to the Agile starting line as quickly as possible.

Cutter’s motto, “Access to the Experts,” means that when you give teams basic Agile training, you are getting it from the people who have crafted these disciplines. Cutter offers training for teams who are new to Agile, as well as those who want to sharpen their Agile edge. For some clients, we have trained a single team. For other clients, we have trained several teams, spread around the globe.

Whatever the number of teams, the level of Agile experience, or the type of project or product, our approach is the same: Get teams to the Agile starting line as quickly as possible. We include many hands-on exercises during the training, and we start immediately defining, estimating, and prioritizing the backlog. We move quickly into release and sprint planning, so that when the workshop is finished, your teams are as ready as possible to start.

Naturally, we offer follow-on coaching as well. In most cases, this workshop rolls immediately into whatever additional backlog creation and planning the team needs to get working as soon as possible.

Often, we tailor the content of the workshop to fit the type of organization or team. For example, we have, based on early conversations with different clients, emphasized Agile techniques for customer insights, coding practices, and the inclusion of UX design in the training we delivered for them.

Number of Days: 3


  • Members of Agile teams, such as developers, testers, business analysts, and people in a variety of other roles.
  • Important stakeholders outside of the team, such as middle managers, Ops team members, portfolio managers, product managers, and the like.
  • Customers are also frequently participants in these courses, particularly when training teams in IT organizations.


  • Basic proficiency in Agile practices and principles
  • Hands-on experience with Agile
  • A head start on backlog creation, release planning, and sprint planning

About Cutter's Agile Team

Cutter’s experts in Agile, software and hardware engineering excellence, and product management are helping development teams in organizations worldwide realize improvements in all of these dimensions. From custom assessments and consulting to training and executive education, harness the expertise of Cutter’s thought leaders to boost your team’s performance.

John Heintz
John Heintz
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Maurizio Mancini

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