Maurizio Mancini


Maurizio Mancini is leader in the quality and process industries with a sixth sense for Agile, quality, and business process. He is best known for cutting through the noise and getting to the heart of any organizational problem whether that problem consists of choosing the right software development process, implementing modern quality approaches, adapting project/product/portfolio management to fully leverage Agile, or just finding the right balance between people, process, and tools.

Maurizio has been building teams for more than 20 years and has an established track record of success in building highly effective and dedicated teams. His approach consists of empowering people and teams so that the team's talent and creativity flow through naturally. This mindset supports the adoption of Agile values in any environment.

Maurizio is certified in the Atlassian tool set (ex: Jira, Confluence) and has 15 years of experience with the tool set. He has vast experience in process analysis and implementation in a variety of industries and sectors, including: software development, legal/financial, retail, manufacturing, health, technical writing, government, etc. Maurizio is a frequent conference speaker as well as a skilled internal presenter, including for senior management. He has published articles, reports, and blogs on topics ranging from Agile Team Structure to Agile Frameworks, How Roles Change in Agile to Quality and Agile Testing. He can be reached at or Twitter (@qaandprocessguy).