Measure and Manage Performance in Your Agile Projects

Agile adoption goes hand in hand with abandoning so-called traditional project management. Yet new projects are continously faced with legitimate management questions. Now you can answer these questions with confidence when you adapt the Earned Value Management method (EVM) into your Agile product development process.   

Cutter’s Agile-EVM Performance Measurement Workshop introduces a practical framework for implementing the EVM method in Agile projects so that you can measure how well your Agile projects are performing, meet stakeholder expectations, and achieve business value. 

Led by Cutter Senior Consultant Alexandre Rodrigues, this two-day workshop will show your organization how to use EVM metrics and indices to make decisions throughout your projects and determine if an increase in project investment will yield the desired results. 

What You Will Accomplish

  • Understand the importance of measuring and controlling the performance of an agile project or product development process
  • Discover the EVM method and how it can be adapted to the agile environment
  • Develop the necessary competencies to implement the Agile-EVM model in a real scenario in your organization
  • Improve decision-making using the performance indices of the Agile-EVM model
  • Identify the management requirements of the Agile-EVM model and know how to assess your organization’s readiness to implement it
  • Achieve better communication and collaboration amongst all the participants and stakeholders of your agile process and project using EVM practices
  • Receive feedback and recommendations for the development of an implementation and adoption plan 

 In an Agile environment, we are faced with the dynamic evolution of a finite boundary of integrated scope, cost, time, and resources; this finiteness — essential for business management and decisions — is the cradle for project management techniques, tools, methods, and frameworks. 

Alexandre Rodrigues


Whynde Kuehn






Day 1 Agenda:

  • Introduction: Why should performance be measured in agile environments?
  • What is EVM?
  • Key requirements to implement EVM in an agile project or product development process
  • Benefits of performance measurement
  • Practical example of implementation
  • A proposed EVM-Agile model: framework and set of key indices

Day 2 Agenda:

  • Assessment of the organizational readiness and definition of tailored project example
  • Hands-on practical exercise: Implementation of the EVM-Agile model in an agile project using a project tailored to your organization
  • Summary of Management Requirements and development of an implementation and adoption plan for the organization
  • Final discussion and conclusions

What's Next?

Cutter's Agile-EVM Performance Measurement Workshop will help you collect, record, and calculate how well your Agile projects are performing so that you can better manage the inevitable tradeoffs between investment, time, and business value.  For more details on how to bring Alexandre Rodrigues to your organization for this two-day engagement, contact your Cutter Account Executive or complete the form below.