Move Up the Digital Transformation Learning Curve

Cutter Consortium offers Executive Education days — singly or in a series — designed to move your entire team up the Digital Transformation learning curve. These typically involve a single Cutter expert, who presents on a topic to business and technology executives and teams. The presentations are aimed at a business audience (high-level treatment of a technical topic, business-focused), and about 90 minutes in length, including questions. The presentation can be followed by lunch for the Cutter expert and the top leadership to further discuss the topic. Then, the Cutter expert can spend the balance of the day in the trenches with teams, discussing how the ideas presented in the morning can be applied.

Below are just a few examples of Cutter experts and topics. Cutter has a large menu and sessions are customized for each client:

Steve AndrioleCutter Fellow Professor Steve Andriole on Your Technology Skills Crisis: See it Before It’s Too Late

Rob AustinCutter Fellow Professor Rob Austin on Fostering a Culture of Sustained Innovation

Gabe PiccoliCutter Senior Consultant Gabe Piccoli on Leveraging Digital Data Streams to Create New Products & Services

Greg SmithCutter Senior Consultant Greg Smith on Revamping Yesterday’s Organization into a Digital Operating Model Built for Agility & Speed

Sheila CoxCutter Senior Consultant Sheila Cox on How to Achieve the Cultural Change Management Essential to Successful Transformations

What's Next?

To begin designing a custom exec ed program for your organization, complete the form below, send an email to your Cutter Account Executive, or call +1 781 648 8700.