Twice the product in half the time. 

Agile development is best known in the software world, where projects are easily understood as iterative. But until now, it hasn't been leveraged in developing industrial products. The new Industrial Agile Framework brings the benefits of Agile methods to industrial product development.   

What is the Industrial Agile Framework?

The Industrial Agile FrameworkTM, developed by Cutter Senior Consultant Hubert Smits and Peter Borsella, is a lightweight framework that pulls together everything that’s needed to design and mass produce a product — beginning with an idea and including design, components, supplier considerations, manufacturing, and everything in between — to shorten the idea-to-launch time span for industrial products.

How are organizations benefiting from the Industrial Agile Framework?

  • Keep overruns to a minimum. It's weeks and not years.
  • Deliver projects within 10% of allocated budgets
  • Gain complete insight into the full value stream
  • Tighten the product delivery cycle by removing impediments in the manufacturing process that cause delays and rework
  • Accurately predict project milestone dates
  • Better understand the impact of increased scope on project delivery using Scrum metrics
  • Improve manufacturing on-time delivery by prioritizing product backlog
  • Achieve empirical process control, using transparency, inspection and adaptation

 The Industrial Agile Framework provides the freedom to create the best solution, while producing quality and progress indicators throughout.

Hubert Smits and Peter Borsella


Whynde Kuehn


How can you begin using the Industrial Agile Framework?

When you bring the one-day Industrial Agile Framework: Twice the Product in Half the Time workshop to your organization, you'll discover how to apply Agile principles to product development and delivery. Adhering to the “If you can kick it, you can Scrum it” philosophy, this workshop explores how the thinking behind the Industrial Agile Framework is different from that behind classic project management and how each person involved in the project works on a single product delivery, completely focused and available up to the delivery. At the end of this workshop, you and your teams will understand how Agile principles can be applied to industrial products and manufacturing and how the different frameworks of Lean, Agile, Scrum, and Six Sigma fit together.

Who should participate in the Industrial Agile Framework workshop?

Representatives from the whole value chain should be in the room, including product owners, product developers, testers, supply chain people, QA, engineers, and any hands-on manufacturing and design people.

What’s Next?

For more details on how to bring the one-day Industrial Agile Framework: Twice the Product in Half the Time workshop to your organization, contact your Cutter Account Executive or complete the form below.


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