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The Cutter Edge: 3 Business Architecture Predictions, Disputing Agile's Relevancy, and more.

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10 March 2020

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Leveraging Business Architecture: 3 Predictions

According to Cutter Consortium Consultant Whynde Kuehn, business architecture is gaining momentum as a true global discipline. Explore three specific scenarios that will lead to increased relevance and leadership, what it might mean to you, and the steps to realizing these benefits. Read more!

2020: The Year that Agile Gets Found Out

In his article, Barry M. O’Reilly questions the validity of Agile practices. "The Agile movement’s focus on process as the solution to uncertainty has allowed technical quality to fall by the wayside, bringing even more doubt as to the ability of Agile to actually deliver. Do you agree? Continue to the full article. 

Workshop: Establish and Mature Your Business Architecture Practice

In this workshop, Whynde Kuehn will illustrate a step-by-step approach to building, socializing and scaling a business architecture practice using templates and techniques that can be applied to your own organization's practices. Learn more!

Attend Disrupting Agile at the Cutter Summit!

After roughly two decades of practice, Agile itself is now ready for disruption. Join Hillel Glazer at Cutter Consortium Summit 2020 as he discusses how Agile disruption is needed to keep Agile alive and relevant. More!

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