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The Cutter Edge: Holy Grail of Innovation, Deadline-Driven Smaller Projects, Data Governance

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23 October 2018

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The Holy Grail of Innovation Management

Breakthrough innovation – developing and launching radically new products, services, or businesses that deliver significant value – is the holy grail of innovation management. A new model, the Breakthrough Incubator, delivers major benefits in terms of speed, cost, and likelihood of success ... More.

How to Innovate Innovation with the Breakthrough Incubator Model Webinar

Join Cutter Consortium Senior Consultants Richard Eagar and Tim Barder as they reveal how the Breakthrough Incubator model can facilitate breakthrough innovations and create sustainable new businesses of scale ... more.

Driving Toward Agile: Shift to Deadline-Driven Smaller Projects

The pressure to be agile is staggering. One approach to building an agile culture is to break large projects into smaller projects with specific deadlines, giving teams the ability to adjust to obstacles and changes quicker while producing value incrementally ... more.

The New Rules of Digital Business Strategy Webinar (not your parents' business strategy!)

Join Cutter Fellow and Ivey Business School Professor Rob Austin on October 30 at 12pm as he outlines the new rules and new realities that you need to know to proof your business against disruption in a “hub" or “platform" economy. Learn more or register now!

Just Published: The Critical Need for Data Governance 

In this new Cutter Business Technology Journal issue, five authors present guidance, insight, and strategies to ensure data governance is given top priority in your organization. Order this report now.

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