Breakthrough Incubator: A Radical Model

For many companies, breakthrough innovation is the holy grail. Developing and launching radically new products, services, or businesses can be an optimal path to growth, but breakthrough innovation is challenging. Organizations often fail: they put too much emphasis on the front end of the innovation cycle and not enough on the end-to-end business creation process. However, as Cutter Consortium Senior Consultants Richard Eagar and Tim Barder reveal in this hour-long webinar, the Breakthrough Incubator model can help.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how a Breakthrough Incubator — a single external partner which manages networks of external collaborators — can apply a build-operate-transfer philosophy that accelerates the creation of new business propositions and overcomes the barriers to innovating radical, non-core products or services.

Rick Eagar and Tim Barder will answer the questions:

  • What is the Breakthrough Incubator approach to breakthrough innovation?
  • When is it applicable?
  • Who needs to be involved in a Breakthrough Incubator?
  • How do you adopt the model?
  • What do you look for in an external partner?

In addition, Rick and Tim reveal five factors to winning with a Breakthrough Incubator approach and answer live questions from the audience. You’ll discover the benefits of breakthrough incubation including:

  • Speed and agility. The small, nimble team employed with the Breakthrough Incubator model uses an Agile approach, accelerating time to market for breakthrough innovation.
  • Removal of corporate bias and/or rejection. With the entire development and testing process taking place externally, inherent bias or rejection of new concepts due to lack of perceived fit is greatly reduced.
  • Delay committing permanent resources and costs. Your organization can focus on its core business without distraction, until the proposition is proven and the requirements are clear.
  • Mitigation of risk. Keep the project external and the brand anonymous until it’s proven.
  • Bridge functional divides. Breakthrough Incubator partners are more flexible than large enterprises, making a cross-functional approach simpler.
  • Expertise synergies. Expertise you glean from your BI partner can advance your know-how and capabilities in marketing, consumer insight, product/platform development, technical competencies, and more.

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