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18 December 2018

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The Industrial Agile Framework: Scrum Is the Heart of a Lean-Agile Industrial Environment

Compared to software, industrial delivery takes longer, is more complex, and requires a broader set of skills. Explore how the principles of Scrum can help manufacturers realize more efficiencies in the production process ... More.

Intrapreneurship: Creating a Long-Term, Change-Welcoming Culture

Taking a human-centric approach — involving people and winning their loyalty — enables organizations to identify and drive tough changes within a company. An initiative called intrapreneurship can help employees become more open to change ... More.

Industrial Agile Webinar: Accelerating Physical Product Delivery

Join Hubert Smits and Peter Borsella on February 6 at 12 pm EST, and learn how to apply the core Industrial Agile Framework concepts to physical product delivery to enable continuous adaption throughout the value chain. Register now!

Participate in Our Customer Experience Research and Receive a $50 Bookstore Credit

Cutter Consortium is conducting research to determine what measures companies are taking to ensure a great experience for their customers. Take the survey and receive a $50 credit to spend in the Cutter Bookstore!

New in Cutter Business Technology Journal: Riding the Next Wave of Cloud Computing 

What lessons have we learned from implementing cloud computing solutions for over a decade now? How do you choose a cloud platform? Get these answers and more in the new Cutter Business Technology Journal. Read the introduction here!

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